We are the union for salaried doctors and dentists.

We promote, protect and support the interests of our members in all aspects of their working lives. We are working for an equitable, accessible public health care system that meets the needs of all New Zealanders.

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Welcome to, our new SMO Vacancy Listings website.

Advertising jobs online with ASMS is now faster, simpler, user-friendly and, because our advertising rates remain unchanged, as cost effective as ever.

Our new SMO vacancy listing website has a range of features to both simplify the vacancy listing process for advertisers, provide added functionality for them and for SMO job-seekers and to attract increasing numbers of job seekers to the site. In addition to holding New Zealand’s most comprehensive listing of SMO job vacancies, the ASMS is one of the first points of contact for most senior doctors and dentists considering employment in New Zealand (NZ). Consequently our website receives a high volume of international traffic with an average of 3,000 visitors each month. Advertising New Zealand medical and dental vacancies online with ASMS is a cost effective and efficient means for advertisers to improve exposure.

Recruitment agencies

Agencies are encouraged to place positions on the website on behalf of New Zealand employers by creating an account. However all contact information contained within an advertisement must lead to the employer (not the agency); this includes logos and web-links.


Annual advertising package
Advertisers can take advantage of significant discounts (33-45%) if they choose annual advertising contracts for either limited or unlimited advertising volumes. Unlimited advertising is available for only $3,000 per annum (which, for example, results in savings for advertisers expecting to place more than 15 three-month adverts in a year). Please contact ASMS (04 499 1271) if you wish to negotiate a cheaper limited volume annual contract.

Casual rates
For casual advertisers we charge on the basis of number of positions advertised, not length of advert. Rates include hyperlinks to the employer’s website, to the full job description on their website and to the online application form (alternatively the links can lead to PDF versions of the full JD and application form if preferred). The standard monthly rate is just $100+GST per listing while a three month listing is only $200 +GST giving even more cost effective advertising (for other rates see pricing schedule).

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New features

Our new SMO Vacancy Listings pages have a range of features to both simplify the vacancy listing process for advertisers and provide added functionality. It also includes new features to enhance the website’s usability for SMO job-seekers which we expect will both increase the number of repeat visits as well as build the total volume of visits to the website from it’s current average of 3,000 per month.

The additional features for advertisers include:

  • retention of advertiser contact details to avoid the need to re-enter these with each login
  • the ability to enter multiple vacancies easily in a single session
  • an immediate view of an advertisers current and previous listings on login
  • the ability for annual account holders to modify their own listings and expire listings when open start date vacancies are filled
  • a direct link to the full job description on the employer’s website (or to a pdf of the full JD if preferred)
  • a direct link to the application form on the ermployer’s website (or to an application form pdf if preferred)

Our new Jobs portal also includes improved functionality for SMO job-seekers, designed to enhance the effectiveness of your vacancy listings. These include:

  • improved search features
  • the ability for jobseekers to subscribe for email alerts in regard to either all new listings in the Specialty they’re qualified in or in only those vacancies in that Specialty with a specific Employer.
  • the ability to email a vacancy listing to a friend or colleague
  • an easy contact form direct to the vacancy contact person for a specific listing

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